July 25, 2024


The Research School of Economics, in the ANU College of Business and Economics, may award up to 10 scholarships to students who are admitted to, and continues to, pursue full time study in a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) program.

Field of study



The Scholarship shall be available to:

  • Domestic and International students;
  • Students admitted to the Bachelor of Economics (Honours) program;
  • Students enrolling full time in the Honours program in the semester for which the scholarship is awarded.


The Scholarship is valued at an amount of $10,000 payable in two equal instalments following the Census Date of each semester.

How to apply

No application is required as all eligible candidates will be automatically considered.

Further information

The Scholarship will be offered in first semester only
Official website

The Hague Academy of International Law – Winter Courses

Call for applications for the 2021 Winter Courses:


merit-based scholarship programme allows approximately 20% of promising attendees (students, lawyers or diplomats) of the Academy’s Summer and Winter Courses, to benefit from financial support. The scholarships are funded by public and private bodies, including the Academy, as well as distinguished individuals from various countries. The Secretary-General selects the scholarship recipients on behalf of the Curatorium of the Academy.

Practical information

Scholarships cover the registration fees as well as the travel expenses to and from The Hague (up to a certain maximum depending on the region from where one travels). Furthermore, scholarship beneficiaries receive a sum of €550,-. at the start of the courses, which can be used to pay for accommodation. This means that in principle scholarship beneficiaries will only have to budget to pay for their daily expenses in The Hague themselves as the rest is taken care of.  Travel expenses will be reimbursed at the end of the courses upon presentation of train (2nd class) or plane tickets (Economy class) by direct bank transfer, either by the relevant donor or by the Academy.
The maximum reimbursements per region traveled from are as follows:
Europe: € 250,-.
Maghreb, Middle East, Russia & Central Asia: € 350,-.
South Asia: € 800,-.
North America: € 700,-.
Far East & Sub-Saharan Africa: € 800,-.
Central and South America, Oceania & Pacific Islands: € 1000,-.
The conditions of admission for a scholarship are the same as for full-fee applicants.

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