Why Has Buhari Not Declare Fulani Herdsmen A Terrorist Group?

Fulani herdsmen or Fulani pastoralists are mostly people who rare cattle moving from one location to another location in search of foods for the cattle or semi-nomadic Fulani people whose primary occupation is raising livestock but in the case the livestock is cattle.

The Fulani herdsmen are largely located in the Sahel and semi-arid parts of West Africa, but due to recent changes in climate patterns, many herdsmen has moved further south into the savannah and tropical forest belt of West Africa.

The Fulani Herdsmen started migrating into northern Nigeria from the Senegambia (Senegal Gambia) region around the 13th or 14th century.

After the Uthman dan Fodio jihad, the Fulani became integrated into the Hausa culture of Northern Nigeria. Therein, during the dry season when the tsetse fly (the fly that normally cause sleeping sickness) population is reduced, Fulani Herdsmen began to drive their cattle into the Middle Belt zone dominated by non-Hausa groups, returning to the north at the onset of the rainy season.

But while managing the herd and driving cattle, cattle grazing on farmlands something occurs, leading to destruction of crops and becoming a source of conflict. They started carrying guns, knife, and other deadly weapons, killing innocent Nigerian farmers and funny enough the fulani herds men do tie these weapon around the cattle.

Nigeria’s implementation of the land use act of 1978 gave the state or federal government the right to assign and lease land and also gave indigenes the right to apply and be given a certificate of occupancy to claim ownership of their ancestral lands.

This placed the pastoral Fulani in a difficult position because most Fulani herdsmen did not apply for lands of occupancy of their grazing routes, and recurring transhumance movement led to encroachment on the properties of others.

From 1996 to 2006 about 121 people lost their lives in Bauchi and Gombe states as a result of conflicts between pastoralists and farmers, and from 2018 – 2020 about 5000 farmers lost their life and properties in Edo state.

Over 1 million Nigerians has been killed and from indications many more would still go down by the Fulani Herdsmen since 2016 till date yet President Buhari of Nigeria refuses to declare them a Terrorist Group. But he was quick to declare a Armless Imdigineous People Of Biafra’s a Terrorist Group and also attempted to stop Amotekun Cops.

The big question here is: Why has BUHARI Refuses To Declare Fulani Herdsmen A Terrorist Group or Is He Benefiting From The Killings?

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