Unpopular Opinion Why WizKid May Buy Private Jet Soon

This is an unpopular opinion on why WizKid may buy a private jet sooner or later.

We are all aware of the fact that top celebrities are always travelling from one country to another. This is so because it is due to the nature of their job, as they have to attend shows and meet their fans in different countries. There is barely a top musician that can stay in a country for months without travelling. While some Nigerian musicians are still boarding planes to travel, few Nigerian artists are known to only travel with private jets. Wizkid, Davido and Burnaboy are no doubt the biggest artists we have in Nigeria. It won’t be a piece of surprising news if very soon that Wizkid has bought a private jet.

Wizkid is one of African richest musical artist. He is worth millions of dollars, which makes him a billionaire when converted to naira. Wizkid have gotten to the level of buying a private jet. Wizkid is planning on doing his tour in different cities very soon. All the cities that he has announced are already sold out. Let’s focus on the show at 02 arenas, London.

Another unpopular reason why Wizkid may buy a private jet soon, Wizkid sold out 20,000 capacity centres in less than 12 minutes. He has also announced another date for another show at the same venue in November. The least amount for a ticket to the show is said to cost about £40, which is around 30,000 when converted to naira. If we multiply it by 20,000 people, that will be around 600 million nairas. Wizkid will get nothing less than 50% of the total money. If he is making as much as that in just one venue, now imagine how much he will be making from the whole tour.

Remember he is going to at least 20 different cities for the tour. He can decide that it is high time to buy his private jet. He will be able to get a private jet that costs around three million dollars. According to Embraer executive jets, Ronaldinho’s jet is worth £2.6 million. I think it won’t be a bad idea if he decides to buy a private jet.

So basically Wizkid may consider buying a private jet soon because he is rich and because of his much travelling due to his celebrity lifestyle.

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