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Popular Fashion Entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has come under attack for her outfit to a movie premiere over the weekend.

Toyin in her post shared on Instagram wore a racy Nun outfit but with a slit in the middle exposing her thighs.

This did not go down well with some followers and Nigerians online who blasted her for mocking Christianity

Here are some comments:
@Omini_Smoochey “Toyin Lawani as a fashionista, can go beyond borders with her line of business but she should also remember that there is a breaking point in whatever we do in this life. That was a cross in boundary because that was a slap on Christianity.”

@Chrisogakwu “Toyin Lawani is a disgrace to womanhood let her go disrespect Muslim hijab the way she disrespected Christian reverend sisters and see if she won’t be stoned to death.”

@Amamabem “One Thing I really admire about Islam is the fact that they’ll never allow anyone (Christian or Muslim) to disrespect their religion
Some Christians endorse blasphemy. Show of shame by Toyin Lawani. Total disrespect for the Church, Christianity and the cross.”

@YetundeFolarin “If there is no outrage over this, then CAN is just a political tool.”

@SammySpotreal “Why are people condemning Toyin Lawani for being creative with her outfit. Y’all can praise foreign celebrities for dressing sexy in Christian inspired dresses at the 2018 MET GALA, but y’all are here CONDEMNING Toyin Lawani. Y’all are a bunch of Hypocrites

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