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Ten Signs to Know That You Are Too Emotional



Different Emotions with Emoji

There are signs to know when you are too emotional, and Nairagist have came up with 10 of it best signs to know.

According to Oxford Dictionary, an emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

From the above definition, it obvious that anything can make us emotional and at the slightest of negative or positive response we all could become so emotional.

Here are the ten signs to know that you are too emotional;

First sign to know that you are too emotional is that you just can’t say ‘no’ to anyone without feeling guilty. You care too much and love too much.

Second sign to know that you are too emotional is that you cry when you’re alone but you don’t tell anyone because you’re afraid of what people would think of you.

Third sign is that you’re quick to think that everyone is a friend. You do things for every temporary person in your life .

Fourth, you’re extra- nice with people. You treat everyone with kindness and expect the same.

Fifth emotional sign, you don’t know when a person is taking advantage of you because you can’t do it to others.

Sixth emotional sign, you can’t intentionally hurt people because of how soft hearted you are.

Seventh sign to know is that, you can’t express your emotions without breaking down.

Eight, you’re so sensitive that you can notice the slightest changes in people’s behavior towards you- the way they talk to you, the way they act towards you – but you don’t Do anything about it.

Ninth, you feel too deeply for people, you always put yourself in people’s shoes and try to be there for everyone, Literally, Every single time.

Ten sign to know that you are too emotional is that, You’re the problem fixer. You can’t afford to lose people , but in the end, you’re still left alone. Just like always.

Now from the above, can you say that you are too emotional?


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Peter Okoye Wonders Why Rich People Don’t Fall During Deliverance



Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye have wonder why rich people don’t fall during deliverance service.

The popular Nigerian musician, Peter Okoye, has taken to his social media page to ask a very interesting Religious question.

In Africa especially Nigeria, we have seen more Christian’s falling down in church during Deliverance/ exorcism and the singer has observed that it only happens to people who are not rich ( Poor people).

He wrote in his tweet;
I am still Wondering why rich people don’t fall down during Deliverance Service “.

His question triggered massive reactions and answers based on opinion.

Chukwugoziem wrote. Senior man we can’t say, is like money dey comot evil spirit first before deliverance

Christian wrote;
Now do you get it, you are being spun a web of lies.

Religion is organised crime by so many only a few are real Prophets of God therefore demons will thrive in demon environment Hope this helps.

Now we will like to know your opinion in the comments section.


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Five Stages in Dating You Need to Know



Here are five stages in dating that you need to know, at a point in our lives we tend to need someone by our side, a person who can comfort us in our trying times, a person who understands our mood and accepts our flaws.

When we find that type of person then we decides to date the person.

While dating a person we must understand that there are stages it takes before we may finally accept to marry the person.

Here are the fives stages in dating that you need to know:


Every couple experiences this stage. In this stage, everything seems so beautiful, amazing, spotless, and wonderful. The focus at this stage is only on the good things you both will share.

In this stage, you both will spend more time together chatting, calling without missing a day, going out together, and laughing at every silly joke you both cracks whether it’s funny or not.


This stage is when you’ll start finding flaws in your partner. Not that you don’t love them anymore, but things will no longer be as it was.

At this stage, you can go a whole day without calling, texting, or chatting with your partner even if you are seeing them online.


You’ll start getting angry over every little misunderstanding. Those silly jokes you use to find funny back then will now start sounding like an insult to you.

You’ll no longer be afraid of losing your partner. You’ll start talking to them disrespectfully about every little mistake they make.

And in this stage of the relationship, you’ll start casting blames on your partner and you’ll start thinking about how you’ll leave the relationship.

Most relationships are bound to fail at this stage if couples are not aware of the stage they are in. And also at this stage, cheating is inevitable if both parties are not disciplined


This stage is when you will realize that you both are different individuals from different backgrounds, who have different qualities, who are not perfect, but still, you both have chosen to stick together


With time, you’ll get to know each other so well that you’ll be committed and submissive to each other. Now at this stage, you’ll no longer hide anything from your partner, and you’ll no longer thinking of spending your life with anyone else apart from your partner.

And also, this stage is when couples are aspired to get married; because they now know themselves very well to the point they are no longer afraid of the unknown or the future.


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The Relevance of Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)



Student Writing BECE in Nigeria

The relevance of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is that students sit at the end of junior secondary school since the certificate they acquire does not contribute to their employability in future.

I must say, this is a typical certificate-oriented Nigerian question.

The relevance of the Nigeria Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is as stated below:

The Basic Education Certificate Examination is one of the most powerful tools we have in our education system. It is meant to help students determine their pathways after JSS3.

It should be used:

1. To highlight if a child should continue the academic pathway by going into SS1 or tow the technical/vocational pathway by joining a technical or vocational school. There, they will become trade certified in their chosen fields and can start to work and earn money after three years of education.

2. To help secondary schools determine the strengths of students who decide on the academic pathway. The subject grades will help schools guide/mentor students on subject choices for Arts, Science or Humanities Department.

3. To predict students’ grades in WASCE. If a child scores a C in English Language in BECE, chances are they will score two levels below that in WASCE without interventions. The school can then put plans in place to improve those grades within the next 3 years.

4. As a tool for school improvement. If properly analysed, it can tell a school its subject strengths and weaknesses. I say up to 30% of a school fails the English Language in BECE, it shows the school is very weak in that area and they may need to look at the teachers, the curriculum, the timetabling, etc on a whole-school level.

Unfortunately, many schools (and supposed professionals) don’t even understand how to use assessment as a tool for students’ progress in general terms…and this type, for national development and planning

We have to understand that assessments aren’t always for the certificates or the future; sometimes they are for now…for data…that leads to interventions and measurable progress.

An employer shouldn’t have any business with your BECE results, actually…maybe, even WASCE

Corruption and fake certificates are what brought on verification exercises in government employments.


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