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Slash Down Political Parties to Six – APC Chieftain



Alhaji Musa Rayuwa, an APC chieftain in Katsina State, has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to slash down the number of the country’s political parties to five or six.

The appeal was made by Rayuwa in a statement he issued in Katsina on Saturday where he noted that a reduction in the number of political parties would make politics more attractive and competitive.

“The slashing down will avoid misleading voters because majority of the political parties cannot ordinary Local Government elections,” he noted.

The politician advised that states Independent Electoral Commissions (SIEC) should be scrapped pointing out that the responsibilities of conducting all elections should be left to INEC.

According to Alhaji Musa, most local government elections conducted by SIECs are mere selections and not elections.


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