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Shooting of 400lvl UNIBEN Student: Police Lied



Contrary to report about the shooting of the 400lvl UNIBEN Student, Edo state police command have LIED about not shooting Miss Juliana Martins.

The responsibility of companies is beyond profit maximization and sustainability, but also the level of impact and transformation that is incurred in the community. The Niger Delta region of Nigeria, which is heavily endowed with crude oil and caters for about 70% of the countries budget, yet the host communities are only consistent in development bankruptcy.

It was another awful moments for Nigerian students residing in the Niger Delta as another civil engagement between host and administrative body turn rowdy. About 50 students from the region were selected by the Nigerian Petroleum Development Commission (NPDC) for a workshop series. The workshop proposed to enlighten the people of the newly enacted PIB Act and also, provide welfare package during the program and logistics support. Unfortunately, this was not obtainable as the student felt completely alienated from the beginning of the event as adequate provision wasn’t made for the workshop. The youths resolve to display their displeasure and a meeting was scheduled for the next day to address all the issues raised.

In a bid to correct the several mistakes of the NPDC, the student in a bid to proceed for the scheduled meeting, the Police storm the gate and violently asked everyone to leave the premises of NPDC not excluding the DPO of Airport road Axis, while singing the Aluta a bullet from one trigger-happy officer hit one miss Juliana Martins (400level UNIBEN Student) in the leg. A doctor report from a military medical facility had already confirmed the wound to be inflicted by bullet, contrary to the police statement that intend to mislead the public by saying she wasn’t shot.


The corporate social responsibility of business is a right to the host community who are directly affected by the myriad of business practices. It’s an irony that an offshoot of the NNPC will resolve to treating the Nigerian youth with total disregard for human dignity. The issue is complex, and resulting to force only makes matters more complicating. Now to highlight the stance of the youths in the Niger Delta, a world conference was held on the 31st of October 2021 at the monumental June 12 building, Ugbowo. The demands laid out by the youth are as follows:

1] That the victim (Juliana Martin) must be duly taken care of with the best medical equipment needed.

2] That she must be duly compensated.

3] That all other persons involved in the Peaceful protest must be repaid back any loss they might have incurred in the process.

4] That the 50 person nominated for NPDC workshop must be taken care of and that the resources and plans for the workshop must be instated.

5] That the erring police officer who perpetrated injustice must be duly punished to the extent of the law.

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