Sean Tizzle possibly coming back to the Music Scene.

In the year 2013 the Banging single ‘Sho Le’ and the Highly sought-after album, ‘The Journey’ in the year 2014 was some of the amazing music experience with Sean Tizzle.

But down the lane that made him fizzle out when every other singer started thriving in the music business is beyond our comprehension.

There were questions of where he has been, what went wrong, or what is he doing differently that made him travel into thin air?
There were also speculations that it could have been as a result of his discord with his all-time producer, D’Tunes which is not a far-fetched reason for an artist’s low performance.

A lot has been said, yet very little has been heard from Sean Tizzle’s camp, hence we all got used to his numbness.

A little stir took course in the early hours of today which brought Sean Tizzle back into our minds and top on the popular app trend.

Veteran Haitian musician, Wyclef Jean took to Twitter to make some buzz about the ‘Perfect Gentleman’ singer and as expected, the bird app mob took over from there.

There were opinions that it could be a publicity stunt or whether Wyclef is truly looking to give Sean’s career a jive back. Whatever it is wouldn’t be bad for him.

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