Residents of Edo State Decries the Atrocities of Mr Joshua Edo

Residents of Edo State decries the evil atrocities of Mr Joshua Edo the current youth chairman of Obazagbon community located in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.

Sometimes last year, I was passing through a mechanic workshop along irhirhi road when I saw some group of boys beating some mechanics in company of some police officers attached to the Iyekeogba police division. I pulled over to know what transpired, but was told that Mr Joshua Edo who happens to be the chairman of obazagbon community gave his jeep to one of the mechanic to fix, but when he returned to pick the vehicle, the mechanic was said to have gone to the market to get the parts for the vehicle but instead of Mr Joshua to wait patiently, he and some of his thugs began unleashing mayhem on other mechanics at the workshop even though they were not the one he gave his car to.
As if that was not enough he drove down to the iyekeogba police station where he brought some policemen who also joined him in assaulting the mechanics and whisked them inside the boot of his car to the police station.
I immediately put a call across to the police control room, and the DPO of iyekeogba was immediately summoned.
I had to drive down to the police station to give statement after which the mechanic were release with series of injuries resulting from the assault. Mr Joshua Edo went scot free.

Residents of Edo State Decries the Atrocities of Mr Joshua Edo

Few months later comrade Victor Asukwo was on his way to his keke park , then stopped and asked after an old friend in the same Obazuagbon community, he was almost killed by Joshua and his thugs, comrade Victor Asukwo after almost at the point of death was made to agree and confess to a crime he knew nothing about . In the pool of blood comrade Victor Asukwo agreed since according to them was his only way out .
After the confession, Mr Joshua Edo in company of his same policemen from Iyekeogba police station whisked comrade Victor Asukwo away to the Iyekeogba police station alleging him of kidnapping, conspiracy, arm robbery , murder and cultism , when myself and leftist Mike arrived at the police station, instead of the dpo to settle the case, she immediately transfered comrade Victor Asukwo to the police headquarters, alleging him of same.
Comrade Victor Asukwo spent one week at Edo State CID cell without treatment , up till now he can’t see clearly nor hear properly as a result of the assault. The police did not treat him, neither did they investigate the case against him until the immediate past Coordinator General, leftist Omobude Agho had to take the bull by the horn. Uptill now, no ransomed was paid to comrade Victor Asukwo, instead he is now almost deaf and blind as a result of the beating.

Four months ago, same Joshua Edo went to another mechanic workshop in company of some vigilliantee and assaulted all the mechanics in the shop, it was a war zone as the vigilliantee shot spirodically to scare passersby from intervention. The mechanics were badly injured while some fled for their life.
On his way out of the workshop he slapped an airforce officer who was just trying to know the reason behind the assault and that landed him in a serious trouble.
As usual his police friends from the Iyekeogba police station came to his rescue and up till date no compensation was paid to the mechanics that were assaulted.

Just on Saturday here the same Joshua Edo assaulted a physically challenged citizen of the federal Republic of Nigeria simply because he called him by his name, the case was reported to human right activist who swung into action and arrest him but this time around he lost the case, with the court asking him to pay the sum of one hundred thousand naira to the physically challenged unfortunately Mr Joshua Edo is unable to pay up the fine and was then moved to prison custody!

This impunity must stop!
If the inspector general of police can’t handle this issue then let him humbly resign.
Mr Joshua edo must be taught a lesson, no man is an island!
Justice must prevail.
Enough is enough.

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