Peter Okoye Wonders Why Rich People Don’t Fall During Deliverance

Peter Okoye have wonder why rich people don’t fall during deliverance service.

The popular Nigerian musician, Peter Okoye, has taken to his social media page to ask a very interesting Religious question.

In Africa especially Nigeria, we have seen more Christian’s falling down in church during Deliverance/ exorcism and the singer has observed that it only happens to people who are not rich ( Poor people).

He wrote in his tweet;
I am still Wondering why rich people don’t fall down during Deliverance Service “.

His question triggered massive reactions and answers based on opinion.

Chukwugoziem wrote. Senior man we can’t say, is like money dey comot evil spirit first before deliverance

Christian wrote;
Now do you get it, you are being spun a web of lies.

Religion is organised crime by so many only a few are real Prophets of God therefore demons will thrive in demon environment Hope this helps.

Now we will like to know your opinion in the comments section.

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