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Ortom – No Room for Fulani Vigilante Group in Benue

The Governor of Benue state Samuel Ortom has reassure the people of Benue state that on no occasion will he as far as he is still the governor of Benue State allow any Fulani vigilante group to operate in Benue.

Governor Samuel Ortom while speaking through his press secretary admonish his people saying ‘ I am under pressure to allow FulaniFulani vigilante Group to operate in this state (Benue) but trust me I will never give consent to it as there is no room for fulani vigilante group in Benue State Because these people do come in form of Miyeitti Allah group and then starts to terrorize our people and farms’ also adding he said that he would make use of the already existing vigilante groups/animals watch groups in Benue state.

Reacting to this statement of Governor Samuel Ortom the Miyeitti Allah group warned Sam Ortom to retract his statement or get ready to go in for it as they are peace loving group and will never shared the blood of innocent citizens.

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