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Kwara State have been on the news due to the hijab controversy, the Christian missionary schools would not allow the Muslim girls to put on Hijab while in school while on the other hand the Muslim elders/parents would not allow such to persist especially at Kwara State that is known for the Muslim.

On February 19th Kwara State Governor ordered the immediate temporary closure of school to prevent the civil unrest currently going on in the school due to the hijab controversy and then the state government took further steps to set-up a committee to find a lasting solution to the hijab crisis while the schools remains temporary closed.

The Hijab crisis committee was compromised of both Muslim and Christian elders and several meetings was held in a bid to find a lasting solution to the hijab controversy and then March 8th 2021 Kwara State Governor ordered the reopening of schools only for crisis to erupt again with the Muslim preventing the Christian missionary schools to open, barricading schools gates and driving students to back home, but all thanks to quick intervention of the combined effort of both the state police and military to restore normalcy using all sort of strategy to dispatch protesters including the use of teargas.

The opinion on all of this issue is that they should all remain calm for peace to reign the christian missionary schools should allow the girls to put on Hijab even when it contravenes the christians doctrines but then again why allow the Moslem girls to enroll at the christian missionary schools when they are fully aware that some doctrines contravenes their own doctrines.

On the other side the Muslim doesn’t have any right or whatsoever to kill or disturb the peace of the state all because of religion issues after all Nigeria is not for a particular religion it a diverse religion, the Muslim either withdraw their ward from the missionary schools to elsewhere or stay calm and resolve the issue amicably.

We hope that Kwara State Governor would act on this issue of hijab controversy immediately so the state would be at peace.

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