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The Nigeria Police force has rescued about 137 workers in an Indian mill factory located at Kano State, Nigeria. According to Kano State Police spokesman Abdullahi Haruna who told news men and Nairagists that about 300 workers was trapped inside the factory and was never allowed to go out or take a break on leave for the covid19 lockdown National, he said that investigations so far has it that the workers salary was topped with $13 against the below salary of $72 monthly, and the workers who refused the new salary structure were then laid off. According to Haruna in the briefing he said “it was quite disheartening to meet these workers trapped inside the india rice mill factory in bad health and so far we have arrested four of the Indian managers”.


The report has it that 163 workers are yet to be discovered as the factory employed 300 workers and they were all asked to live inside the India rice factory to mass-produce rice in other to make enough supplies across the length and breadth of the country because the lock down will definitely come with food shortage.

Police spokesman Abdullahi Haruna told press men that the plant had now been shut down and the owners were being investigated for “holding the men against their will”.

The country has more than 20,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus.


Lagos, in the south, remains the epicentre of the virus, but Kano – Nigeria’s second-biggest city and the capital of Kano state, has the most cases in the north.

Lockdowns elsewhere in the country have been eased – but in Kano people are still only allowed to go out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to buy food at stipulated times.

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