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CIPPON the regulatory and administrative body of printers in Nigeria, has ask the federal government (FG) to release the names of the contractors awarded a multi-billion (N2.9 Billionaire) printing job.

Recall that CIPPON was established by an Act 24 of the National Assembly in 2007 to regulate and checkmate the activities of all Printers in Nigeria.

During the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting held on October 28, the council approved some contracts including the printing of examination materials worth N2.9 billion.

Later after the meeting, Mr. Adamu Adamu who is the current minister of education, announced that 8 printers got the job but he however failed to revealed the entities.

“According to the Adamu Adamu the Minister of Education, the materials are meant for the Basic Education Certification Examination, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), and the National Common Entrance, added that because of the recent disturbances due to #EndSARS protest, we have postponed the examinations that have not taken place,”.

Both the spokespersons of the education ministry and the National Examination Council (NECO), Ben Goong and Azeez Sani, said they could not provide the information when one of the media house reached out to them days after the Federal Executive Council meeting.

furthermore, in its support for accountability and transparency, the media house made a Freedom of information (FOI) request to the education minister, asking for the name of those awarded the contract.

The letter was submitted at the ministry’s office in Abuja on November 2.

As against the FOI Act, 2011, which stipulates that such requests should be responded to within seven days, no response has been gotten from the ministry or the minister as of the time of this report.

In quest of the same information, mr Olugbemi Malamo whobi the current President of CIPPON, revealed the institute has made a request to the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) asking for the names of the eight companies that the contract was awarded to.

This was contained in a statement sent to the media house.

According to Mr Malomo, the request is made to ascertain if the contractors are registered members of the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria as stipulated in the printers Act 24 of 2007, section 23 (b)

“Copies of the document have been sent to all Ministry, Departments and Agencies (MDAs,) that are involved in government printing procurement. We also believe that our listening government is working hard to correct the mistakes of the past, which in our opinion is another good step in the right direction.”

He also requested that the Nigerian printing jobs remain in Nigeria and not given to foreigners and that printing jobs should be awarded to registered printers only.

“Our belief is If our two top priorities are adhered to, the printing industry would have enough jobs to do, which in turn is capable of reducing unemployment and insecurity.”

Mr Malomo, however, urged the Buhari administration to use its enormous resources to develop local capacity.

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