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The ever controversial Bishop Kukah as suffix in the news this time around cries out that his life is in danger.

Bishop Kukah obviously crying out over threat to his life stating that the Muslim community are against him in whatever he does and at every step he takes there is always a spy around and that he doesn’t know if it a plot to assassinate him or spying at his every move.

In a recent development the Christian Association of Nigeria has came out publicly to announce to presidency stating that the presidency should do whatever he can to protect the life of Bishop Kukah in Sokoto state, noting that Bishop Kukah is over there doing his Godly work and was only posted there to run the activities of the kingdom of God and not to engage in any political actions.

The Christian Association of Nigeria has however condemn the silent of the security agency saying that it is obvious that the security has been compromised that is why they are silent about the threat of the Muslim community over Bishop Kukah and till date nothing has been done to protect Bishop Kukah, The Christian Association of Nigeria however urged presidency to protect Bishop Kukah and that we should all irrespective of religion affiliation that we are all the same Nigerians and we should watch out for one another.

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