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Gospel minister, Salau Aliu Olayiwola, popularly known as ‘Testimony Mr. Jaga’, has declared that his music is tailored towards fetching lost souls, especially youths from the streets and making greatness out of their lives.
Testimony, who himself was on the streets before he was fetched by the Holy Spirit when he gave his life to Christ, had a blossoming career as a secular artiste.

In his journey as a secular artiste, he was a rising star creating music and collaborating with some of the industry’s hottest artistes.
It took some time for the musician to make it into the world of gospel, but when Testimony stumbled into church music, it changed his life forever.
Testimony revealed that he prayed fervently to God to see him through. Fortunately for him, his prayers were answered as the Lord showed him the way to Christ Embassy, headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

He also stated that, Pastor Chris welcomed him and was amazed at his potentials in creating music.

The awesome experience he had gave made a new sense of hope and belief, not only in God but also in himself.
With all of these supports, the artiste discovered new ways to spread his message, and created the ‘Street Gospel Movement‘, which is a platform that uses music to spread the word of God to struggling street youths.

Spreading the gospel is a major part of Testimony’s work. He spends a lot of time finding kids to reach out to on the streets.
He approaches these youth so with his music and just simply talks to them, telling them, with a song, that there is a better path other than wasting away on the streets.
Since he began this endeavour, Testimony testified that countless Nigerian youths and their counterparts around the world love his music.

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