Malomo Deal From Joy Cometh: Shooting Stars Present More Facts

More facts have emerged that Shooting Stars of Ibadan midfield prodigy Malomo Taofeek Ayodeji was signed from Nigerian National League (NNL) side Joy Cometh of Ikorodu.

VIA Football Academy who lay claim to the midfielder had posted online that the player is their product and so they have the economic rights on Malomo.

A team picture dated December 15, 2018, that captured the midfielder and post read, ‘Fact-checking…Pictures don’t lie. VIA FA vs Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan played at Adamasingba Sports Complex on the 15th of December, 2018. Malomo Taofeek Ayodeji on jersey No. 16. Conscience is an open wound that can only be healed by truth. Malomo is a product of VIA Sportsclub and we have the economic rights of the player duly documented.’

The General Manager of the Oluyole Warriors, Rashid Balogun said, “Shooting Stars management will not waste precious time joining issues with any Academy, agent, intermediary or third party.

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