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Lisa George feels her name will be global soon.



Beautiful singer, Lisa George has only been doing music professionally for two years but already rustling feathers in the industry. She recently released her first official body of work, an EP tagged “Grateful” which contains five songs, namely; Grateful, Girls Abre, ODO, African  Woman and Love is Sweet. According to her, The Grateful EP is one birthed from a place of deep reflection of her feelings and vibe rooted in hope, love and positivism. She talks about her career and music when she was asked some questions.

What differentiates you from every other female singer?

She replied, “What makes me different is that I am Lisa George  and that alone is a huge win for me.  I am blessed with a different kind of sound and a message that cannot be ignored.”

What’s your take on rivalry among female singers?

“When there’s no healthy competition, the game isn’t interesting. However, we should not allow certain influences and personal vendetta get the best part of us. Some school of thoughts believe that a little beef helps the industry but when it becomes a violent kind of situation, we should know when to call it off!”

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