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How Collection of Bribe from Funke Osubudu Place Residence in Darkness



How Collection of Bribe from Funke Osubudu Place Residence in Darkness by Leftist Osazee Edigin
2 times public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations.

When members of Edo Civil Society Organisations set out to confront the fraud and inefficiencies in power sector particularly the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, we knew a lot of money would be offered to shut us up so that the status quo can remain while the people suffers.

Many of our unwise brothers thought it to be an opportunity to make money not knowing they were trading their destinies for a morsel of bread. The pains and cries of the people over the poor state of electricity is enough to confer a curse on any betrayer, more so, that any money taken from Funke Osibudu against the people kills destiny.

We will attempt to list the names of persons that their destinies have been altered by collecting money from Funke Osibudu, the Managing Director of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company.

1. Olu Martins (now a Reverend)

Olu Martins was introduced to the civil society movement in Edo state in 2012 by a former student union leader during the Fuel Subsidy protest. Due to his eloquence, he was nominated to be the spokesperson, as a matter of fact, he was nicknamed ‘the gov’ which means he was qualified to be a governor. The civil society had the overwhelming support of the masses in that protest thus gave Olu Martins the popularity that availed him the platform to assert himself.

Fast forward, in 2014, when we noticed that BEDC and other DISCOs extort customers N750 monthly as Fixed Charge for no services rendered, some of us approached him to figure out how to engage BEDC, he never showed interest, however, we still took up the challenge as he was just a front liner of the group and not the engine room. In the course of it, he joined in the protests we eventually staged against the management of BEDC. As usual, he was always with the microphone dishing out the positions of the group. At times, he does this climbing a drum or standing on the van roof belonging to the police condemning Funke and BEDC exploitation on the people.

The turning point was when Funke and her management noticed him to be the spokesperson during our protests that they cornered him and he was compromised. What later happened was that, he became frequent in radio and television stations making cases for BEDC against the people. He said so many things to defend BEDC and its activities which were contrary to his earlier stance with the civil society, as a matter of fact, he became the de facto public relations officer of the BEDC then.

In all sincerity, if Olu Martins had held on to what he stood for with the backing of the civil society who also enjoys the support of the masses, nothing would have stopped him from becoming one of the decision makers of the state today. The political gladiators saw all that happened and will not trust such an open betrayal of the masses. Today, he is no longer into activism but religious affairs after the episode with Funke Osibudu.

2. MD Sir-Ezehi Magnus-Desmond Igbas

In 2016, Funke Osibudu was sending Edo people to jail and continually putting communities in darkness as a result these, Edo Civil Society Organisations staged a well mobilized protest to the Edo State House of Assembly, Federal High Court and Appeal Court. MD Igbas was the committee chairman on energy and water resources in the house and Chris Okaeben was the vice chairman then. When we were summoned to defend our petition and Funke was also called to be present. After our submission and Funke spoke, we realised that our lawmakers took side with her, as a fact, Chris Okaeben took it personally uttering all manner of offensive statements against us. They saw it as an opportunity to have contact with Funke for their personal gains. It was later revealed that the sum of N13.5 million was given to the committee to compromise. MD Igbas was furious with us for no known reasons. We angrily left and addressed a press conference and pass a vote of no confidence on the committee and refused to further attend its sittings. Today, MD Igbas could not return back to the house.

3. Chris Okaeben

Chris Okaeben took over from MD Igbas as the chairman of the committee on energy and water resources. In one of BEDC events, he promised to ensure that the electricity theft law is passed and other support promises he gave them. However, as fate would have it, he was at loggerhead with the governor after he sneaked the MD of BEDC into the governor’s office when the committee on power from the House of Representatives paid him a visit in government house. The governor who was already angry with the operations of the BEDC sent her and her team out of his office. As it stands today, Chris Okaeben was not inaugurated into the 7th assembly, he is currently wandering in the street without a base.

4. Roland Asoro

It is no longer news the ill-luck that hit Roland Asoro recently when his wife drove a car with a government number plate and beating a traffic light along Sapele Road. Not only did she disobey the traffic light, she went ahead to insult, attack and abduct the enforcing officer until she was brought to EDSTMA office. She put a call across to her husband who came to EDSTMA office to unleash more attacks on the officer for doing his constitutional job. The video and pictures littered the social media and citizens have continued to ask what manner of lawmaker would also be a law breaker same time. As we speak, members of his constituency have lost confidence in his representation going by the attitude he displayed which will also be a very strong point by his future opponent will use against him. All these are not unconnected to his sponsorship of the already failed bill to criminalise electricity theft without considering criminalising estimated billing. It is all over the places that the sum of N50 million was released by Funke for the law to be passed in her Favour.

5. Kabiru Adjoto

Kabiru Adjoto was the immediate passed speaker of Edo State House of Assembly who contested for the house of representatives with Akpatason. There were controversies at their primary elections in the party which led to court cases that eventually ended at the supreme court. He was sworn in as house of representatives member while the court case persists. Kabiru Adjoto and few members of the house hurriedly passed the now dead Electricity Theft law in a manner that suggests compromise by Funke. Edo Civil Society Organisations protested against it, they were joined by some spiritual and traditional men who used some incarnations on any ally to the proposed law. As at today, Kabiru Adjoto lost his case at the supreme court and was asked to pay N2 million as fine. Adjoto will have to return to his farm as Funke’s money may have altered his destiny too. From a house of reps member to a full time farmer.

This historical analysis is to warn others not to consider collecting any bribe from Funke or BEDC against the desire of the people if they don’t want their destiny to be altered also. The leaders of EDOCSO have had better opportunities to collect money from Funke even before some of them listed above had it. As a true position, if EDOCSO had compromised, these people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to even near Funke let alone collect bribe from her. They thought they were cashing on our struggle by collecting money from her, little did they know they just traded their destiny. Let’s be sincere in whatever we are set out to do for humanity and the society.


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UNIBEN Rape Case: Anita Adesuwa Efosa Revealed as the Rape Accuser



Photograph of the said Anita Adesuwa Efosa

For a few days now, all University of Benin (UNIBEN) have seen in the public space is a perceived dreaded lecturer whose innocence and guilt is yet to be proven and proved beyond reasonable doubt. But one would wonder, WHERE LIES THE PRESENCE OF THE ACCUSER? Maybe it is of no essence to some, whom sometimes may be passerby, sympathisers or mainly aggressive individuals who may only be seen issues from a psychological point of view of the female folk.

It is true that the accuser in this case have been identified as, ANITA ADESUWA EFOSA, a 400 level English & Literature Student of the University of Benin (Benin City) whom have been confirmed by various sources to be a ‘Ghost Student’, this is to say that ANITA ADESUWA EFOSA barely attend classes as it is. It is possible she may be having academic issues also.

It is also confirmed that the accused lecturer, Dr. Steve Bode Ekundayo is currently the Final Year Project Coordinator for the Department of English & Literature. While the public keeps talking of the lecturer, many are yet to seek the identity of the accuser, but gradually, that is being sorted out.

These question then arises:

1. Who is Adesuwa Anita Efosa in the Department of English & Literature?

2. What did she go to do at the lecturers office at the said time?

3. Was she alone with the accused all through the period of the accusations at the lecturer’s office?

4. Does she have any relationship with the accused aside being a student and nothing more?

5. Is that the first time she’s visiting that office?

6. Was she really raped by the accused as claimed by her?

7. Are there clear court evidences that testifies that? If yes,

8. Why is the accuser in hiding despite many efforts made by the School Authorities, the Student Union Government (SUG) and the Nigerian Police to hear her side of the story as investigations have started?

9. Could the said identified Anita Adesuwa Efosa have been pushed by external or internal elements to blackmail the accused? If no

10. Why then the continuous hiding? If yes

11. Did she not think critically that this act of rape accusations has lasting implications on both the accused, herself and the image of the University of Benin?

What is expected from the relevant authorities is to adhere strictly to DUE PROCESS of handling the matter because both the accused and the accuser may either be wrong or right in this whole matter but it is rather unfair to some extend that, of a truth, the University Authorities also have taken some ‘Too Quick Steps’ sanction the lecturer without adhering strictly to the constitutional principles of FAIR HEARING by setting up a known panel to investigate properly the matter, which is an internal capacity of the institution before handing over the matter to the police thereby breaching some organisational and professional procedures.

Now, what is the ad-hoc punishment for the accuser, most especially on the basis of her refusing all contacts and calls put through to her to appear before the state (police). Punishment should be proportional to offense committed. If you must place an accused on such stringent condition, the accuser whom have continuously hid her face should go through some form of sanction too.

In all, we must not judge a case based on sentiments. We must take all correct measures to ensure a balanced view and deed.

Experts have established that there are only two reasons why ANITA ADESUWA EFOSA could be in hiding. The first is that she may have been threatened by either known or unknown faces and voices through whatever medium. The other reason may be that ANITA ADESUWA EFOSA never expected that *this matter will escalate to this very degree and must have felt the guilt of having told lies to the public and is at the same time not able to get hold of the veracity of her claims against the accused which may lead to a strict punishment against her by school authorities and the police. but whichever way the pendulum swings, according to Niccolo Machiavelli, “the end shall justify the means”

Just to know the two parties involved ANITA ADESUWA EFOSA, a 400 level ENGLISH AND LITERATURE STUDENT is, the faceless rape accuser we all have been craving to know. We await the outcome of all necessary investigations. By then, the truth of the matter will be revealed to the world and we shall know who was raped and by who. Anyone may be innocent in this matter.


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Abuja Lockdown: Six Dead As Nigeria Soldiers Continue Shooting of Shiites



About 6 people have reportedly been shot dead as members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN clashed with soldiers at the Gwarimpa gate near Galadimawa in Abuja.

The IMN members also known as ‘shiites ‘were about to round off their Arbaeen Symbolic Trek when joint security agents opened fire on them.

Two Shiite members were shot by security operatives around a new generation bank along 3rd Avenue in Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja.


The incident threw the trek into confusion as people scampered for safety. The Secretary of the Academic Forum of IMN, Abdullahi Musa has since confirmed the incident.

“They are just shooting people. As I am talking to you now, six people have been killed. They even carried some dead bodies away,” he told a news correspondent.

Members of the sect had on Tuesday morning come out in continuation of their procession to mark the fortieth day of the murder of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad

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Public Work Volunteer Apprehend Oil Theft in Benin City



Edo State Security

Officials of the Public Works Volunteers (PUWOV) in Edo State have apprehend two suspected oil theft in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

The State Coordinator, PUWOV, Mukhtar Yusuf-Osagie, who made known this to journalists, said PUWOV will continue to work tirelessly with other security agencies in the state to curb criminality and ensure peace and orderliness.

Yusuf-Osagie said the suspects were nabbed in two Audi vehicles with plate numbers BEN 206 PK and GRA 91 CH, along Airport Road in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

He said they have been handed over to the Edo State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for further interrogation and prosecution.

According to him, “PUWOV officials accosted two Audi vehicles who contravened the law at Ezoti axis of Airport Road in Benin City. It was later discovered that the apprehended vehicles were used for transportation of oil in gallons. The vehicles were fully loaded with gallons of oil and other instruments linked with illegal oil bunkering.”

He noted that the “apprehended culprits tried to induce our officers with the sum of N50, 000 in an attempt to buy their freedom and escape justice. Unfortunately for the culprit, the PUWOV officials rejected their offer.”

The coordinator added: “We have informed the Edo State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and handed over the two culprits (drivers) and the vehicles with registration numbers BEN 206 PK and GRA 9 CH to DSC Eki Vassiles, the NSCDC representative sent to recover the exhibits from the PUWOV office.”


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