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While some ladies are conservative about having sex on a first date, rising actress, Angela Eguavoen, says she has no issue about having sex on a first date for her it nothing big and it doesn’t make her feels less either. 

Over time there has been controversies about sex on a first date, while most girls believe that it wrong to have sex on a first date, some also believe that it makes them feel less and kills their self esteem in the presence of a guy because according to them the guy would not value their body anymore and therefore makes them to have pride. 

The uprising actress Angela Eguavoen came out to counter such claims, saying that ” why go on the date at first if you have got no feelings for the guy?” According to her Relationship/date should be a thing one should feel free and not pretend or hide things, if you feel like having sex on a first date then go on and it will make you look real.

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