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Final Respect Was Giving To Obama DMW As Tiwa Savage, Perruzi and others pays tribute



Nigerian music entertainers, the likes of Tiwa Savage, Perruzi, among others, have taken to social media to pay their last respect to Obama DMW, a close associate of popstar, Davido.

In a tribute posted on Tiwa Instagram page, she stated that the whole 30BG squad was in a mess due to the death of Obama.

She revealed that the guys have been weeping due to his death.

She wrote, “Braveheart, strong heart, soft heart, kind heart, pure heart, peacemaker, hot stepper, incoming politician, I know you’d want me to add ‘stylish’ to this list but ummmm… yeah lol (abi @mekkamillions @therealjaybreeze @traficbabz @elizabeth_elohor @tiwaayankoya make I add am?)”

“Someone said they tried to ruin your reputation but you saved theirs by not telling your story. I’ve never met anyone as brave/strong as you who was also as soft and kind as you.”

“I don’t know why my cheesy jokes always made you laugh; you were ready to take a bullet for your loved ones. 44 my black president, you chilling now, resting well, away from this cruel world.”

“All your boys are a wreck, I’m sure you see them all crying like babies. You better tell them to be strong men. I’m allowed to cry, I’m a girl; so don’t try to console me, I won’t listen to you anyway. I really don’t know what you were trying to prove sha, by leaving like this. It is so unlike you.”

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