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No doubt the National Sports Festival came to an end yesterday the 14th day of April 2021, the event which ought to have been hosted in the year 2020 suffered a setback due to the world ravaging pandemic Covid-19 thereby placing Nigeria on lockdown.

The National Sports Festival hosted this year 2021 across all stadium in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria stumbled upon some issues at the earlier stages due to Covid-19 lockdown to lack of funds from Federal Government of Nigeria to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) which of course Edo state Government went ahead to kick off the ceremony but after two days of the commencement of the National Sports Festival, the Local Organizing Committee threatened to shut down the games due to lack of funds from the federal, but the situation was calm when the Minister of Youth and Sports Sunday Dare with some members of the Main Organizing Committee held an immediate urgent meeting with the Local Organizing Committee to resolve the issues with the Minister of Youth and Sports reassuring them that all funds issues would be resolved but you know things like this takes time because it requires some Ministry to sign and approve the funds before the funds for the National Sports Festival is being disburse.

The games where proceeded with Delta coming through to the top in all sporting activities followed by Edo state (the host state) and the Nigeria Sport Festival came to an end with Delta State emerging winners of the Sports Festival, after several biddings and deliberations about which of the 36 states in Nigeria is expected to host the next Sport Festival, Delta State clinch the bidding and so the Unity Torch was given to Delta State.

Below are the important facts you should know about the Nigeria National Sport Festival.

How Many Years is National Sports Festival held in Nigeria?

The Nigerian National Sports Festival is a biennial, that is every 2 years (two years) multi-sport event organized by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the National Sports Commission for athletes from FCT and the 36 States of Nigeria.

When Did the National Sports Festival Started in Nigeria?

The National sports festival started and staged in 1973 at the National Stadium, Surulere in Lagos, the game was originally conceived as a “unifying tool” with the main purpose of promoting peace and cross-cultural affiliation in Nigeria after the Nigerian Civil War in 1970.

The National Sports Festival also serves as a development and training event to aid athletes prepare for continental and international meets.

What Are The Objectives of the Nigeria Sports Festival?

The objectives of the Nigeria National Sports Festival are:

1. To build a robust talent pool of athletes.

2. To enhance and elevate sports at grassroots level.

3. To establish a standard programme for athletes’ succession.

4. To enhance and elevate sports at grassroots level.

5. To curb age cheating in Sports.

6. To encourage early participation in Sports.

7. To engage young athletes in the Olympic Movement, skill. development and social responsibility.

8. To enhance cultural and educational development.

9. To promote National unity.

What State in Nigeria is hosting the Next Sport Festival?

Delta to host 21st National Sports Festival 2022, retains title.

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