Contestants Of The Voice Nigeria Set To Work With Their Judges

The judges on the music reality competition, The Voice Nigeria, had the opportunity to attract talents to their teams in preparation for the knockout stage.

After critical analysis and selection from the judges, the judges are now ready to work with their contestants in their team.

The judges has spoken out on what to expect from their team.

“The number one role I believe I have for my team players would be to spot their strength and weaknesses, but highlight their strength. On my team, there is no room for weakness,” stated from the part of Yemi.
The six contestants on Yemi’s team are Vanilla, Loven, Ewaoluwa, Toeseen and TimAyo.

On the part of Darey, he said, “I have six spots on my team, and there’s only space for confidence, exceptional talent and super stars. That winning mentality is very important from the beginning. My job is to guide, coach and shape the way they prepare for their performances, and give them an edge over the other teams.”
The contestants on his team are Blescene Uche, Ayomikun, Esther, Jeremiah, Rachel and Dapo

According to Waje, she would be with her team members every step of the way to guide them towards winning the prize. She said, “My strategy for building my team is diversity. I’m looking for the person who is willing to do most of everything. People who are willing to fight for what they want. People who are hungry. My focus is to showcase their strength. Anytime they have a question or are unsure, I’m here to tell them that they can do it.”

The members on her team are Nuel Ayo, Anu, Teslim, Eazzie, Inioluwa and Ifunanya.

As for Falz, he emphasised how he was different from the other coaches. He said, “What is unique about me being a coach is that I would make you relaxed. Going into any competition, it is very important that you are calm and relaxed. When one is relating with talents like this, they need a calm and conducive environment. I would also be sharing snacks. That is something the other coaches don’t have. I know because I have done my research on my fellow coaches.”

Contestants on his team are Peace, Neky, Kpee, Okemdiya, Tamara, Naomi Mac. The Voice Nigeria is sponsored by First Bank Nigeria Limited and Baba Ijebu.

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