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Army Reportedly arrest girl with cut to size double barrel gun at Ikot Ewa Secondary school for allegedly attempting to shoot her teacher for telling her to cut her coloured hair.

While interviewing the female student, she said she attempted to shoot her teacher because she commanded her to cut her hair which she dyed with huge some of money. However while investigating the issue, the teacher said: A week after resumption she brought the dyed hair to school and she asked the female student to cut the hair as this would negatively influence other students but she proved stubborn and kept on coming to school with the dyed hair, just last week she flogged her and suspended her for not obeying instructions, only for her to resume school today with her hair low and we the teachers celebrated her for cutting her hair, so during break time everyone left the classroom only she remained back and myself keeping watch of belongings in case anyone wants to tampered with their properties only for the female student to brought out a gun and attempting to shoot me.

As at the time of this report, Army has since handed the female student over to the Nigerian Police Force for full investigation and prosecution.

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