Angela Nwosu Gift Facebook Fan of Year Brand New Car

Popular sex therapist and digital spiritualist Angela Nwosu has Gifted her social media fan of the year a brand new car worth 3.3 million Naira.

Angela Nwosu who is a public figure, philanthropist and above all digital spiritualist has Gifted her most active fan of the year a brand new Toyota Camry Spider car.

In her words:

“AngieNation fan of 2021..
Engr Jude Ifeanyichukwu Soundmind. Phew.

Among everyone that I listed, you are one of the most outstanding. 70% of people kept mentioning your name, back to back, starting from the day I posted the list of names, to the day I posted the car. People really like you and are rooting for you sha.

I saw so many comments, let me quote one that said, “all the people you listed are deserving of it, but you only need one person that will maintain the car. Everyone of them is a winner, one person just has to go with it. In talking maintenance, you gave Jude 5*0*0*k last year, he built a block industry with it, that is maintenance. Without a doubt in my heart, I believe Jude will do well if you give him the car”…

Jude, you’ve seen it all, you’ve had your fair share of dragging, ins*ults, bul*lying, cu*rses, and so on, all because you are supporting Angela Nwosu. Angienation can not be mentioned, without mentioning your name. You are readily available to help push this nation forward. When I hear people talking about tr*olls now, I laugh out hard, these ones are small and learning, compared to back in 2016-2018. No year comes close to that period, when it comes to tro*lling me and my fans. 🤣

Apart from those other years, sentiments aside, from January 2021 to December 2021, you are outstanding, just like the others. It’s a car I bought 3.3 million Naira and I want to sleep comfortably, knowing that I did the right thing, without any atom of future regrets.

Massive congratulations to you on this one. Latest Toyota camry spider owner. I will reach out to you later to discuss the handover. Make Angienation proud with it. Make me proud. Drive carefully.”

The fan who has been the most active of all three, always comment, share and react to her post on Facebook.

However, effort to reach out to the fan of the year to know his reaction has proved abortive as he’s currently not online.

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