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Three simple way to monetize your blog in Nigeria 2020


Three simple way to monetize your blog in Nigeria 2020

Three easiest way for blog beginner to monetize their blog 2020.

Are you a blog beginner?And you are looking for how to make from your newly opened blog?Read this article till down and start make money from your blog.

Yes when you start blogging it’s seem to be quiet difficult to earning an income from your blog but when you have traffic on your blog it’s very easy to make money with it.

Here are the three easiest method for blog beginner’s to montize their blog in 2020

  • Affilate program.
  • Google AdSense.
  • AdWords.

1.Affiliate program.

Affiliate program is an online business which you earn a commission from promoting other people/company products.

This mean you will be earning an income from your Affilate company when you advertise their products and someone get interested and buy their products through your Affilate link.

We have many different Affilate company that pays in different ways to the other.

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2.Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is most popular advertising and most used to monetize blog today it has over millions active user across the word.

Google AdSense is an online advertising method which the advertiser earned an income when his page visitor click on the advert.

However you will earned an income on impression too.

Impression is the amount of page viewed received on your blog/site.This mean Google will pay you on page viewed,but it’s very little compare to click.


Adword is another advertising platform which an advertiser earned an income through ads click on his/her blog/site.

This method don’t require much traffic before start earning from them,and their traffic requirement before get approved is not much.

However this method work for only and jetpack users.

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