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Easiest way to create a profitable blog in Nigeria


Easiest way to create a profitable blog in Nigeria

Step by step on how to create a profitable blog in Nigeria.

Blogging business is currently the best way to make money online from home in Nigeria today.

We have many blogger’s who are earning millions of Naira from their blog in Nigeria,anyway let’s put that one aside and go straight to the purpose of this article.

You can earn alot of money from your blog,if you set it very well and give it what it need.

Step on how to create your own blog

1.Decide your blog niche.

Yes to decide your blog niche is simply mean to choose what you want to blog if you have knowledge of Sport then you should go for it or if Education is your hobbie then you can choose to blog about it.However it’s good to blog about your hobbie istead of choosing a wrong niche and later regret it at the end.

2.Choose your dormain Name.

To choose your dormain Name simply mean to choose your site this site address is https:

Before choosing your dormain Name I recommend you to choose shirt and memorable dormain address.

3.Register your dormain Name.

After you have successfully choosed your dormain Name,then the next thing is to register it.You may either register it before hosting your blog or register it with your hosting plan.

If you’re looking for a company to register it for you I recommend you to choose Whogohost because their have a cheapest price among hosting company in Nigeria.

You can register it here at

4.Host your blog.

After you’ve registered your dormain Name,your next step is to get it hosted.

To host you blog as an blog beginner in Nigeria I recommend you to purchase it from Nigerian hosting company.

Here are some reason to host your blog with Nigeria based hosting company:

1.They have easiest payment methods

2. They are also reliable

3.They have a cheaper price compare to foreign hosting company.

If you’re looking for a reliable hosting in Nigeria I also recommend you to visit whogohost here at

5.Install WordPress.

After you’ve successfully completed your dormain and hosting your next step is to install WordPress.

JhWordPress is the best content management platform. It is used by many websites on the web. No need for coding like Html, JavaScript. As long as you can read and understand you’re good to go. To Install WordPress login into your newly purchased hosting account (password will be sent via mail).

Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress you can login into the backend of your website via admin link sent to you from your WordPress account.

5.Design your blog.

After you’ve installed WordPress you can login to your blog dashboard, choose right themes and design whatever you want to design on your blog,but if you don’t have any knowledge about it then you can look for a webmaster to design it for you.

6.Start write your blog posts.

After you’ve completed all this steps your blog is now created an you are good to go,you can write and publish your ideas,news and whetever that can bring you traffic you need to start earning.

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